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Collaboration and conferencing solutions

Bell Canada Sales Partner DMC Enterprise

In this technological and ever-evolving era, it is time for your business to mark its digital presence and gain a competitive edge. With our high-quality conferencing solutions, physical presence in the office becomes a thing of the past as our collaborative audio and video technologies take over. Boasting on-the-go communication; powerful advanced collaboration tools such as screen sharing, mobile application, and online document group editing significantly increase productivity.

From ensuring efficient message conveying, clear and easy feedback, and deciding matters on-spot, our web conferencing solutions enable your business to enjoy the fruits of intra and inter-business communication without significant infrastructural investment costs.

Bell Total Connect

Bell Canada Sales Partner DMC Enterprise Total Connect

With Bell Total Connect, on-the-go business communication and effective information exchange is not a business goal anymore – it is a reality. Keep your business operating in one ecosystem.

Our hosted telephony solution gives you the opportunity to take your business with you wherever you go. Housing your phone system in the cloud, our up-to-date unified communications technology allows for easy integration and configuration with your devices; thereby allowing quick access from anywhere, anytime. Office phone, PC, or smartphone – with Bell Total Connect you can now hold meetings and stay connected with your team 24/7. Schedule and attend video conferences anywhere in the world.

Offering advanced conferencing and messaging tools, clear voice, and no upfront equipment cost, Bell Total Connect vows to deliver a buttery-smooth and flexible communication experience for businesses of all size and stature.

Voice solutions

Bell Canada Sales Partner DMC Enterprise Bell Canada

Communication is key. It can make or break your business. While effective communication can help you scale your business, conveying partial or wrong information can result in considerably high losses. This is where our impeccable voice solutions come in.

Presenting reliable voice calling, our trusted telephony service takes over your enterprise’s local, international, and SIP trunk calling needs. With us by your side, you can make your calls for as long as you want without any lag, loss of voice, or dropped calls.

Offering advanced and customizable telephony features, our user-friendly voice solutions make business collaboration effortless – we are the first choice for businesses hoping to seamlessly connect with the boss, team, or customers.

 DMCE is a Sales Partner of Bell Canada | We provide enterprise grade services and solutions for commercial businesses across Canada | Small and Medium businesses welcome!

Contact centre solutions

Bridging the gap between business help centers and the wide clientele, DMC Enterprise Canada offers a contact center solution befitting for each type of enterprise. From in-house operators to remote connections via cloud-based integration, our cross-channel contact center services deliver excellent support experience for your customers 24/7. Developing a customer care model integrated and aligned with your organizational needs, our experts set to work on your chosen structure of communication to deliver premium services.

With our multi-faceted contact centers, you have a choice between a virtual or hybrid location-based customer care paradigm and the offerings remain the same expectations; higher operational efficiency, enhanced customer loyalty, and the best return on investment to take your business to newer heights.

Professional services

While advancements in technology and availability of new and improved communication systems propose eased business management – the idea remains hinged on having the right communication solution for your enterprise. Enter our highly skilled and experienced team of communication consultants who analyze your business’ goals, structure, and form to develop the best and most effective communication solutions.

Customized to your organization in every way, we guide you through each step of the process to optimize communication services on premises or remote. Our consultation not only enhances team productivity and efficiency, it also presents the idea of reduced costs and smoother operations. Collaborate with DMC Enterprise Canada to have the latest communication technologies and strategies at your disposal.

Managed services

Managing your enterprise voice and video network infrastructure can be a mighty task. It demands great effort, high cost, time, and skills – which let us face it, costs a lot of money. At DMC Enterprise, we offer you a way out with state-of-the-art communication technologies and expert remote-management consultants. From call routing to Private Branch Exchange, audio, and video infrastructure to intra-company collaboration – leave it on us to keep your business’ communication network running remotely and smoothly.

With our customizable managed infrastructural services, you take the control of your IT environment while our team of proactive professionals do all the hard work.

Dedicated Internet - Private Network

Business Internet Dedicated Features Bell Canada Deliver My Cart Enterprise Canada DMCE

Share data faster over Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network with business Internet solutions from Bell. Back up massive volumes of data, host high-quality video conferences or conduct near-instantaneous point-of-sale transactions with the scalability and reliability your business needs. And with flexible packages offering speeds as high as 10 Gbps, Bell gives you the freedom to choose the connectivity that best fits your business.

Scalable Bandwidth and Outreach

Dedicated Internet through DMC Enterprise Canada is scalable from 1 Megabytes per second to over 10 Gigabits per second, allowing you to evolve your network as your business changes, and with nationwide availability of the service, you will confirm that your business maintains its network operation from anywhere in the world.

Flexibility and scalability

Our solution can adapt to fit your organization’s changing needs, without compromising service or network reliability.

SLA Agreement

Our private fibre network comes with a Service Level Agreement that ensures no downtime or interruptions.

Local 24/7/365 support

Committed to providing superior customer service all day, everyday. Benefit from dedicated local professionals at no cost to you.

Reliable speeds

This Internet solution always delivers. Always dedicated, secure and consistent.

From $495.99 /month 

Bell Canada Sales Partner DMC Enterprise

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