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DMC Enterprise Canada (DMCE) is a multidisciplinary firm that specializes in enterprise telecommunication and technology. We are based in Canada with clients and staff across  the country. We provide the latest technology to take small, medium and large Canadian enterprises to the next level.

Network and Communication



An experienced partner

We draw on more than 130 years of experience driving innovation in communications technology to help keep Canadian businesses connected.

Canada’s largest network

Our team has hands-on experience in managing Canada’s largest voice and data network, featuring more points of presence than any other provider.

End-to-end support

With more than 3,000 certified professionals across the country, we can help design, implement and manage the connectivity solution your business needs – all backed by 24/7 bilingual support.

Collaboration and conferencing solutions

Bell Canada Sales Partner DMC Enterprise

In this technological and ever-evolving era, it is time for your business to mark its digital presence and gain a competitive edge. With our high-quality conferencing solutions, physical presence in the office becomes a thing of the past as our collaborative audio and video technologies take over. Boasting on-the-go communication; powerful advanced collaboration tools such as screen sharing, mobile application, and online document group editing significantly increase productivity.

From ensuring efficient message conveying, clear and easy feedback, and deciding matters on-spot, our web conferencing solutions enable your business to enjoy the fruits of intra and inter-business communication without significant infrastructural investment costs.

Bell Total Connect

Bell Canada Sales Partner DMC Enterprise Total Connect

With Bell Total Connect, on-the-go business communication and effective information exchange is not a business goal anymore – it is a reality.

Our hosted telephony gives you the opportunity to take your business with you wherever you go. Housing your phone system in the cloud, our up-to-date unified communications technology allows for easy integration and configuration with your devices; thereby allowing quick access from anywhere, anytime. Office phone, PC, or smartphone – with Bell Total Connect you can now hold meetings and stay connected with your team 24/7.

Offering advanced conferencing and messaging tools, clear voice, and no upfront equipment cost, Bell Total Connect vows to deliver a buttery-smooth and flexible communication experience for businesses of all size and stature.

Voice solutions

Bell Canada Sales Partner DMC Enterprise Bell Canada

Communication is key. It can make or break your business. While effective communication can help you scale your business, conveying partial or wrong information can result in considerably high losses. This is where our impeccable voice solutions come in.

Presenting reliable voice calling, our trusted telephony service takes over your enterprise’s local, international, and SIP trunk calling needs. With us by your side, you can make your calls for as long as you want without any lag, loss of voice, or dropped calls.

Offering advanced and customizable telephony features, our user-friendly voice solutions make business collaboration effortless – we are the first choice for businesses hoping to seamlessly connect with the boss, team, or customers.

Business Network Solutions

Bell Canada Sales Partner DMC Enterprise

Business Network Solutions

Gain a competitive edge with fast, secure, and scalable internet solutions powered by Canada’s leading fiber-optic network. An array of service options, unlimited bandwidth, and upload as well as download speeds of up to 10 Gbps are available to help you perform remarkably while meeting all your business requirements. 

– Powered by Bell Canada Enterprise

         Dedicated Connection

Your very own access point, providing you un-matched reliability and availability

         Complete Support

Freedom to use either IPv4 or IPv6 applications on one connection

         Optimize via Bandwidth Tracking

Use the secure online portal to monitor, analyze, and decide. Boost your business performance.

          Exceptional Security

Proactive management and Network DDoS Security service offer protection against any and all cyber-attacks.

Change the way you do business by embracing the resilient and reliable internet that is tailored to suit your business needs.

How-to Consultation

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Toll-free:   1-234-BELL-DMC   /  1-234-235-5362

Managing your business voice and video network infrastructure can be a mighty task. It demands great effort, high cost, time, and skills – which every business cannot afford. Our mission is to decrease your operational costs. We do this by providing professional consultation on transparent sustainability whilst implementing secure technology.


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